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Online Educational Content

Available to MEMBERS ONLY.  Webinars, Educational Videos and Documents that serve as enrichment and provide context for further exploration into advanced optometric procedures.

Live Events

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the COVID Pandemic ALL In-Person Events have been postponed and will be held as Webinars and Virtual Meetings until guidance dictates otherwise.

Skills Transfer Workshops, Laser Learning Labs, Lectures and Seminars.
Attendance at LIVE OPI/ASOS events is open to ACTIVE OPI/ASOS members FREE of charge.*

*Pre-Registration may be required.
1Seating may be limited at some events and offered on a first come first served basis.
2 Where stated, open-meetings are open to both members and non-members.
3 MEMBERS-ONLY events are open to Active sustaining and/or student MEMBERS ONLY.
4 Members are responsible for their own expenses such as travel, hotel, and meals.  Some events may include meals, and/or workshop supplies which must be purchased by members prior to or at the time of the event.

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The Society is an active and dynamic community of professionals consisting of educators, practitioners and industry professionals sharing knowledge, skills, and ideas. Get ahead by connecting with other members.  Become a part of an exchange of collective knowledge, wisdom and experience!